April H2H | Allergies

When the seasons and weather change, does your nose begin to "run"? How many of you turn to OTC medicine to help solve the problem, without it getting to the root cause? In our April "Half-Hour to Health," we focus on allergies, and how you can STOP them naturally. Below are our notes and video recap. Enjoy!

What frustrates you about allergies?

-Decreases quality of life, can't go outside, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, lower immune system


There is even a place on the weather to look at allergies, colds, and flu whether you should go outside?

Drugless Solutions

1. Subluxation

A. Misalignment of the spine changes the messages that the brain sends to the body – getting adjusted clears sinuses

2. Medications-

A. Covers up the symptoms

B. Terrible side effects

3.  Digestion

A. Improper digestion and consumption of the wrong foods are one of the leading causes of allergies

4.  Immune system

A. Subpar immune function can also contribute to allergies

5. Adrenal fatigue

A. Are you tired? Even after sleeping a full night? Does bright light bother your eyes? Do you crave salt?

B. All of these are signs that your adrenals need some help in order to fight off allergies.

6.  Food stressors

A. Food sensitivities by the person that can be causing the challenge

B. Get a food stressor done to evaluate if there are foods that may be contributing to the problem.

Action Steps

1. Get adjusted

2. Get to the root of the issue: nervous system, clean up digestion, support adrenals, address foods

Supplements that help with allergies

1. Histoplex AB – A major help to those suffering with allergies – boosts the bodies inborn way of fighting allergies

2. Intenzyme Forte – Helps to clean up inflammation and digestion in the body

3. Bio Glycozyme Forte –multivitamin for blood sugar and adrenal stress

In Office Specials this Month - April 2017

1. Food Stressor Test – On special for $25, normally $50, Histoplex AB is on special %10 off.

2. APRIL 28th – Our next breast thermography date – make sure to get your appointment scheduled. Space is limited

3. Our next H2H is May 3rd at 12 PM and May 4th at 6PM



Your Nervous System & Chiropractic

Did you know that chiropractic care can help improve your brain function and nervous system? Dr. Casen shares how an aligned spine opens up the rest of your body to receiving optimal brain output. For more information about your brain and nervous system, please go here, here, and here. To contact The Drugless Doctors chiropractic practice in Westlake, please go here. We can't wait to help you! 

How To: Build Your Immune System

Whenever you start to feel that "sick" feeling, that is when you should immediately get to a chiropractor so we can help heal you. Also in this video, Dr. Anthony shares a product we all use whenever (which is rare) we would feel the throat scratch begin. 

To help prevent any sickness and to help heal your spine, please visit The Drugless Doctors' chiropractic and wellness clinic in Westlake and Elyria, Ohio; you'll be glad you did!

#NoMeds: Severe Neck Pain Gone!

Do you live with chronic pain in any area of your body? We are here to say that you don't need to, and you can find relief without needing to take medication. In this week's #NoMeds story, read how we were able to help one practice member do just that:

"I sought out the Drugless Doctors to help with my severe neck pain and frequent headaches. The subsequent examination and x-rays showed a subluxation of my neck and also lower back and hip area. I have embarked on a schedule of adjustments that promises to correct this misalignment and after just a few months, I already experience less headache days.

Drs. Bob, Anthony and Casen DeMaria and their staff educate their practice members about chiropractic and other natural solutions to maintaining health. Everyone is upbeat and encouraging and you feel like a member of a family.

Through their seminars and personal consultations, I have learned a great deal about how food affects your overall health and am incorporating their wisdom into my everyday life. Being a sugar addict is a hard habit to break, but I feel I am making great strides to do so. I am much more aware of what I put in my body and am taking more control over my wellness.

Visiting the office each week is not a chore, it is a pleasure! Highly recommend The Drugless Doctors!"

#NoMeds Story: Overall Health Improvement!

In this week's #NoMeds testimonial, we have Christine, who drives SIX HOURS round trip (You rock Christine!!):

The Drugless Doctors approach to healthcare is just what I had been searching for! I travel 6 hours round trip each month for my appointment and chiropractic adjustment and feel it's very worth my time! I love the positive and encouraging environment of the office and staff. The atmosphere they create is very restful and healing- no stressed out, scurrying around, overworked staff, but cheerful and helpful people who are respectful of my time and don't make me sit in the waiting room for an hour past my appointment. The technology the doctors use is very up to date and the knowledge they share of living a healthy lifestyle and using quality supplements is impressive! They use technology to personalize my treatment plan and to find the specific supplements and lifestyle my body needs. I look forward to my chiropractic adjustments as each one makes me feel awesome and helps my body function noticeably better! I love the Drugless Doctors Team and am grateful to be on this journey of living a healthy lifestyle!

Christine & Dr. Casen

Christine & Dr. Casen

We are based in Westlake, a community close to Cleveland, but care for people all over world. If you would like to consider chiropractic and drugless care, please contact us today!

Posture Tips

Did you know the way you stand (posture) can affect the health of your entire body? Dr. Casen shares a quick exercise you can do RIGHT NOW to help improve your upward mobility. If you are someone who wants to improve their posture, please come and visit our Westlake or Elyria chiropractic practice, we would love to help you!

#NoMeds Story: Weight Loss & More!

We love being able to help people everyday, and this week's #NoMeds story (practice member testimonial) comes from Gay:

“I first saw Dr Bob at a Mustard Seed seminar and was so impressed that I now drive 45 minutes each way to get my adjustments and nutritional help. I have several issues that the doctors are helping me with. My main reason for coming to see Dr Bob was for help to lose weight and little did I know that he would help me with my scoliosis and arthritis problems as well as keeping my blood pressure within a normal range. It all has to work together for the best results and I have been moving forward. I have learned so much and hope to continue to learn. And I truly enjoy seeing all three doctors as I feel that I can relate to each of them. What a joy to receive and learn so much from these great and knowledgeable people.” - Gay

We love responses like this and would love to help you, too! If you are interested in chiropractic and natural care, please contact us here for our Westlake and Elyria practices.

Gay & Dr. Casen

Gay & Dr. Casen

#NoMeds: Improved Sinus, Sleep & More

We love being able to help people each and every day from conditions and ailments without medication. In this week's #NoMeds' story, one of our newer practice members shares how her sinuses improved after the first adjustment, her limp stopped, and overall sleep improved. If you have any of these, we would love to help you too; come visit us today!

Our Services: Bloodspot Fatty Acid Profile

Did you know our nervous system needs certain types of food, and one of its favorites would be essential fatty acids (EFA) which includes fish and flax seed oil. One of our services we provide is a Bloodspot Fatty Acid Profile that tells us what oils your body needs and how much for how long. Watch as Dr. Anthony explains more, and come visit us so we can help you achieve optimal health!

Optimal Women's Health on YouVersion (The Bible App)

YouVersion, otherwise known as the Bible App is one of the world's most downloaded apps (nearly 200 million) and today we are honored to make available the first women's health devotional. There is new content alongside Scripture to help you towards natural health restoration. If you are interested in starting the six-day plan, please go here and enjoy! 

Our Services: Bio-Communication

Have you wondered what food, beverages, and anything else you put in or on your body may affect your overall sense of health? We use a bio-communication tool at our practice to help show how your body responds, either positively or negatively to foods and then recommend a strategy as Dr. Anthony explains. To schedule a bio-communication session, or to come visit us in Cleveland, please go here.

Our Services: Digital Videofluoroscopy

We pride ourselves at offering our practice members, both new and "seasoned" the best technological services, so they can enjoy their life pain-free without medication. One of these services is digital videofluoroscopy. If you have pain, headaches, or other conditions that prevent optimal movement, this tool helps to give us, the doctors the answers in order to provide you with the best plan to achieve total health restoration. In the video below, Dr. Anthony gives a more detailed description. 

Chiropractic & Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or do you know anyone that is? Chiropractic, especially the Webster Technique is beneficial for expecting mothers as Dr. Casen shows you in this quick video.

During our television program, which airs weekly in Northern Ohio, we also have guests whom we have helped. Recently we taped a show discussing pregnancy and how we are able to help you. If you are pregnant or have a recent newborn, please email us at info@druglessdrs.com to help your body function optimally without medication.

Get To Know: Our Wellness Store

At our practice in Westlake, we have nutritional supplements to help many conditions naturally including stress, thyroid, and detoxification. We use suppliers that adhere to our mission to only supply products without preservatives, gluten, and other synthetic fillers. In the video below, Dr. Casen goes into more detail about our selection. Come in and browse if you are in the Westlake area!

#NoMeds: Prostate Help with Chiropractic

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and we always try to highlight one of our practice members each week whom we have helped. This week we have a practice member who had a prostatetectomy (not good), but with chiropractic and drugless care, their PSA numbers have improved. Please watch his story below and come visit us so we can help you too! 

Please go here to view Dr. Bob's Q & A on prostate health.