Dr. Bob's "Cleanse & Purify" on YouVersion

We have been fortunate enough to partner with the YouVersion app (over 200 million downloads) and provide their community with a new health devotional to begin the new year. Dr. Bob's "Cleanse & Purify" devotional covers topics including renewing your mind, fasting, and herbs, and below is a video corresponding to Day 1 of the plan. You can start the plan here on your computer, or under the "New" section on their Plans tab.

Optimal Women's Health on YouVersion (The Bible App)

YouVersion, otherwise known as the Bible App is one of the world's most downloaded apps (nearly 200 million) and today we are honored to make available the first women's health devotional. There is new content alongside Scripture to help you towards natural health restoration. If you are interested in starting the six-day plan, please go here and enjoy!