How To: Stretch 101

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How To: Stretch 101!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for joining us this month for our Half-Hour to Health with Dr. Anthony and Dr. Casen. Below are our notes and video on Stretching 101. Have a great month, and come and join us for any of our activities throughout the community.

Q: Why are we talking about this? A: IT’S THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS WE GET!

Your spinal health = brain health.

Posture- Take a picture from the front and the side.  What do you see?

What affects our bodies?  Daily microtraumas, previous injuries, your activities, work environment, and so much more.

What do YOU look like?

Forward head

Rounded shoulders

A high shoulder

Head shifted

Forward hips

Hips uneven, one higher than the other

Feet in or feet out

Simple Stretches

Upper Body

Lower Body

Suggested Tools to Use

Resistance Bands- Variety of different bands, easy or more difficult.

Tennis or golf balls

Foam Roller

Exercise ball – 55cm-60cm (Blown up J )

Bosu ball or something to balance on

Weights/ can use machines as well

In office June specials- 10 % off

1. All Deodorants – No aluminum, chemicals, or toxins, and they work!

2. Ca/ MG- Zyme - Sunburn prevention, leg cramps, minerals, bone health

3. Flax Oil- Omega-3’s, which help absorption of vitamin D, helps with sunburn prevention, brain and nervous system health, heart health.

Upcoming Events

Next week: Faster Results- Thurs. June 13th @ 6PM. Next one is Thurs. July 18th @ 6PM.

July H2H- Freedom from STRESS!  Weds. 7/10 @ noon and Thurs. 7/11 @ 6PM.