#NoMeds Story: Weight Loss & More!

We love being able to help people everyday, and this week's #NoMeds story (practice member testimonial) comes from Gay:

“I first saw Dr Bob at a Mustard Seed seminar and was so impressed that I now drive 45 minutes each way to get my adjustments and nutritional help. I have several issues that the doctors are helping me with. My main reason for coming to see Dr Bob was for help to lose weight and little did I know that he would help me with my scoliosis and arthritis problems as well as keeping my blood pressure within a normal range. It all has to work together for the best results and I have been moving forward. I have learned so much and hope to continue to learn. And I truly enjoy seeing all three doctors as I feel that I can relate to each of them. What a joy to receive and learn so much from these great and knowledgeable people.” - Gay

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Gay & Dr. Casen

Gay & Dr. Casen

#NoMeds: Back Pain Gone!

Do you have chronic back pain? One of our practice members did and decided to come and visit us. She shares her pre and post chiropractic story and how she has also lost forty pounds in the process. For more information, come visit us at our chiropractic practice in Westlake, you'll be glad you did!

About: The Drugless Doctors is a chiropractic and nutrition-based wellness practice located in Westlake and Elyria, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

#NoMeds: Chiropractic Helps Injuries


In this week's #NoMeds story, one of my practice members who owns horses shares how a horse-related injury could have become worse had they not come to see us sooner & how, with chiropractic, they are completely off pain medication!

#NoMeds: Improved Sinus, Sleep & More

We love being able to help people each and every day from conditions and ailments without medication. In this week's #NoMeds' story, one of our newer practice members shares how her sinuses improved after the first adjustment, her limp stopped, and overall sleep improved. If you have any of these, we would love to help you too; come visit us today!

#NoMeds: Pain Relief & Sleep Improvement

Can you sleep through the entire night without waking? What about living life completely pain-free? In this week's #NoMeds testimonial, one of our practice members shares how they have experienced pain relief, sleep improvement, and weight loss since they became our practice members. If you have any of those conditions, we would love to help you!

#NoMeds: Acne Clears Up!

Adult acne can be one of the most ____ (insert embarrassing word here) conditions. In today's #NoMeds story, one of our practice members shares how their acne cleared up and "cycle" became regular with chiropractic and lifestyle changes. We would love to help you, too!

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#NoMeds: Complete Health Restoration!

What is your health "worth"? In this week's #NoMeds testimonial, one of our practice members reluctantly (at first) drove an hour one way to come and see us. Now, she calls it the second best thing she has ever done in her life! Please watch the video to see all of the positive health changes that have occurred in a short amount of time. If you are ready for health restoration with a drugless approach, please come and visit us in Cleveland!

#NoMeds: Migraine Relief with Chiropractic!

Our 2015 campaign on druglessdoctor.com (our sister website) has been #NoMeds and each Tuesday we have included one of our practice members to share how their life has improved with chiropractic and drugless care.

This week, one of our practice members shares that when they first became a practice member a year ago they had severe migraines. Throughout the course of the year, listen as she shares how chiropractic has changed her and her new daughter's life. We look forward to helping you, too!