Facebook Live | #PreventSurgery with Dr. Casen

This month, Dr. Bob was joined by Dr. Casen for his monthly Facebook Live. In this recap, they discuss C-sections, which Dr. Casen shares her knowledge in regards to pediatric chiropractic. Part two includes a look at how to keep your skin happy and healthy. Join Dr. Casen and Dr. Anthony next Wednesday/Thursday at their Westlake practice for their H2H on sugar!

#NoMeds Story: My Kids Are Healthy!

Our chiropractic and wellness practice in Westlake and Elyria is for the whole family. Both Dr. Anthony and Dr. Casen are qualified and registered to help in pediatric chiropractic and our testimonial this week comes for Jess, who entrusts us with all of her children's health:

"I could not be more happy with my experience at The Drugless Doctors. Our whole family attends and I love that they are all very patient with our kids. I started seeing Dr. Casen toward the beginning of my pregnancy. This is my fifth pregnancy and I feel amazing! I am sleeping better than before and have way more energy than any of my other pregnancies. There are so many things I appreciate about these great doctors. They care about whole body health and want to educate you as much as possible on how to feel your best. Every time you come in they make you feel so good and every doctor greets you by name. It is really hard to find this quality of people in the medical industry and you always feel great after your visit. If you haven't guessed yet I highly recommend The Drugless Doctors!"

Jess, kids, & Dr. Casen

Jess, kids, & Dr. Casen

If you are considering becoming pregnant, already pregnant, or just gave birth, please consider chiropractic, we would love to help you!

Chiropractic & Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or do you know anyone that is? Chiropractic, especially the Webster Technique is beneficial for expecting mothers as Dr. Casen shows you in this quick video.

During our television program, which airs weekly in Northern Ohio, we also have guests whom we have helped. Recently we taped a show discussing pregnancy and how we are able to help you. If you are pregnant or have a recent newborn, please email us at info@druglessdrs.com to help your body function optimally without medication.