Keeping Your Thyroid Healthy - Facebook Live


Hi Everyone!

We wrapped up January with our Facebook Live on your thyroid, and how an unbalanced thyroid can actually impact your marriage. We also gave an overview about our Breast Thermography procedure which we will be having regularly this year. Lastly, please join us February 7/8 at our Westlake practice for our H2H on Preventing Cancer. Have a great February!

Facebook Live | #PreventSurgery Thyroid Recap

Dr. Bob was "on location" for his #PreventSurgery Facebook live event, as he discussed ways to keep your thyroid gland functioning optimally. Please visit here and here for more information on the thyroid. To purchase Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery, please go here.

#DruglessTips | Thyroid

During the month of January, Dr. Bob is using his #PreventSurgery campaign to help us keep our thyroid functioning at 100 percent. In this video (on location!) he shares what foods can help our thyroid and what foods might cause a subpar thyroid. For more information on his "Guide to Prevent Surgery," please go here.

H2H: Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery

We are happy to announce the name of Dr. Bob's new book, "Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery"! You are able to pre-order now, with shipping to be available soon. In our November #H2H, Dr. Bob gives some of his takeaways from the book and how you can incorporate them into your life today for a healthier tomorrow. We know you will learn a lot!

Optimal Adrenal Health with Dr. Bob

Last month, we focused on improving your adrenal glands on Dr. Bob's website, and we held our live event on Facebook this week to answer your questions and to go deeper into what your adrenal glands are, and why you need to keep them functioning optimally, so the rest of your body doesn't miss a beat.

This month, we also have many fun events planned for you, please go here to visit our schedule.

TDD: Breast Health

Yesterday we introduced a new service (breast thermography) at our practice. In yesterday's blog post, Dr. Casen shared briefly what this will look like and we will also be rolling out more information this week. In this "The Drugless Doctor" episode, we look further into breast health and how our new service is designed to help give you answers in order for you to make the best drugless decisions regarding your personal health. For more information, please contact us here, we'd love to talk to you!

Podcast Guest: Body Buddies

This past week, Dr. Bob was a guest on the Body Buddies podcast. He answers your questions about depression, PCOS, alkaline water, female hormones and more. Click here to listen. If you have any additional questions about this episode, please consider coming to visit our chiropractic and wellness practice in Westlake or Elyria, OH.

TDD: Thyroid

Happy 2016 Everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and New Year's with your friends and family. Now that we are in the first week of 2016, we want to make sure this year is your healthiest yet, and we have many exciting events planned for this year. January is recognized as Thyroid Awareness Month and we taped one of our "The Drugless Doctor" segments on how to help your thyroid with drugless principles. We offer multiple thyroid tests at our practice and always develop a personalized thyroid plan based on your numbers. On our sister site,, we have a Thyroid Quiz which you can take and join us for a live event at the end of January.

To visit our chiropractic and nutrition-based practice about your thyroid, please go here.