Menopause & Andropause | Facebook Live

Our April #HealthyMarriage topic was on menopause and andropause. Before the Facebook Live, Dr. Bob gave us this diagram below, which can be found in the "Pressing Pause" chapter in "Dr. Bob's Guide to a Healthy Marriage."

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#PreventSurgery Facebook Live Recap | Women's Health


Hi Everyone!

For this month's #PreventSurgery Facebook Live, Dr. Bob shared about one of his great passions: natural women's health. In this recap, he shares about key chapters from his "Guide to Prevent Surgery," including fibroids and ovary removal and ways to keep both in top form. We recommend watching all the way to the end - trust us, you'll be glad you did!

To join Dr. Bob in reading his new YouVersion devotional, which is a starting point for the upcoming "Dr. Bob's Guide To A Healthy Marriage," go here. Enjoy!

Optimal Adrenal Health with Dr. Bob

Last month, we focused on improving your adrenal glands on Dr. Bob's website, and we held our live event on Facebook this week to answer your questions and to go deeper into what your adrenal glands are, and why you need to keep them functioning optimally, so the rest of your body doesn't miss a beat.

This month, we also have many fun events planned for you, please go here to visit our schedule.