The Drugless Doctors | In Our Community - October 9-15


Hi Everyone!

This past week allowed us the opportunity to connect and share about health with some great people across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, education, yoga, financial planning, and even having fun with some superheroes. There's still time to register for our November 10th Breast Thermography Day, and if you or someone you know is in the Naples, Florida region, have them head over to Kunjani Coffee this Saturday at 11:30a for a Women's Health Celebration with Dr. Bob. Go here for more.

Westlake Fall Festival

Westlake Fall Festival

Dr. Casen with Mayor Dennis Clough

Dr. Casen with Mayor Dennis Clough

Equity Trust Health Fair

Equity Trust Health Fair

Fairview Park & Friends

Fairview Park & Friends


If you would like us to come and speak on behalf of your organization (Lunch & Learn, Health Fair, etc.), please email We look forward to helping your team become as healthy as they can be!

Facebook Live | #PreventSurgery - Lymph & Spinal Surgery


Hi Everyone!

During the month of August, Dr. Bob's #PreventSurgery focuses have been on tonsil health, including proper lymph maintenance, alongside how you can prevent spinal surgery. Below is his Facebook live event that you can share with your friends who you know will benefit.

If you are in Florida, Dr. Bob will be returning throughout the fall - so make sure to visit our Florida calendar to schedule your appointments.

Facebook Live | Men's Health

This month, Dr. Bob's focus on his website was men's health. We have it embedded below, which includes information on your liver, thinning hair, and more! For more information on Dr. Bob's book, Men's Health-The Basics, please go here.

TDD: Hormones

In this episode of The Drugless Doctor, we are discussing something important for each and every one of us: Hormones. Yes, in this program we are touching on both male and female hormones. If you have general health questions after watching this video, please email, and we will have Dr. Bob answer it in a future #AskDrBob. 

If you would like to come and visit us after watching this video, please email and we will be able to assist you. Thanks for watching and make sure to pass this along to anyone you know can benefit.

#NoMeds Story: Overally Health Improvement

We love that we are able to help many individuals restore optimal health function every day without the need to prescribe medication. And this week, we have one practice member who shares how we have been able to help her:

I did not realize how physically bad I felt until I started feeling better. Dr. Anthony, Dr. Casen and Dr. Bob have made a huge difference in my overall health. By taking a holistic approach focused on diet, exercise and adjustments, my lower back and leg pain has significantly diminished. I am able to be more active, which has helped me lose weight, increase my energy level and live more fully.

If you are on the fence, jump off (carefully) and come and visit us! We promise, you will be glad you did!

Blood Sugar Stress Recap

This past Wednesday was Dr. Bob's monthly live event and this time we did it live on our Facebook page. We discussed blood sugar and how to help stabilize in order for you to prevent diabetes and other conditions. If you have blood sugar stress, we would love to help you. Please contact us to make an appointment!

Our 10 Tips to Help Improve Posture

Do you ever notice how you are standing? Do you stand straight up, or are you hunched over? We have a list of ten tips that will help improve your posture, including chiropractic adjustments.

1. Proper use of Cell Phones- When texting, emailing, or surfing the web on your electronic device of choice make sure to keep your head from looking in the down position. This is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to poor head posture.

2. Desk Ergonomics – When it comes to using computers make sure the screen is at eye level and that your legs and arms are at 90 degrees to the floor.

3. Head Exercises – An exercise that is easy to do involves bringing your head back by tucking your chin in and keeping your eyes level. (it looks as if you are making a double chin)

4. Take side pictures of yourself - This is a great way to monitor changes that are being made to improve posture awareness!

5. Exercise Bands – Get an exercise band and hold your hands out in front of your chest and pull your arms apart while holding on to the exercise band. This exercise will help to strengthen a muscle group called the rhomboids which are important for keeping your head in its normal position.

6. Exercise Ball – One of the very best things to do for improving posture is to lay back and arch your back over an exercise ball. This helps to combat the forces of gravity that we experience every day.

7. Door Jamb – The door jam is an exercise that helps work with the rhomboid muscle group as well. Place your arms on either side of a door post and bring your body forward while bracing between the door posts. It is like doing a standing push up between door posts and helps to strengthen the rhomboids.

8. Proper Sleep Position – The very best position to sleep is on your back with a cervical curve pillow. A cervical curve pillow provides a relaxing position for your spine. It may be uncomfortable at first, but over time your body will thank you. Check Theraputica pillow out if you need a recommendation.

9. Deep Breathing – several times throughout the day make sure to take deep breaths which allow us to be aware of our posture and helps sooth and calm our body systems.

10. Find your local chiropractor in order to help improve posture from the inside out.

#NoMeds Story: Travels 3 Hours One-Way!

In this week's #NoMeds story, we have Carmen, who drives THREE HOURS one-way to come and see us once a month. Here are her words on how we've helped her:

I have been going to The Drugless Doctors for over 2 years, & look forward to my monthly visit & chiropractic adjustment. I live in Indiana & drive 3 hours one way for my appointment each month. It has been a wonderful investment of my time & money! Everyone at their office is extremely friendly & helpful, & I am very impressed with the technology & testing they offer.

I've seen many great improvements to my health, including more energy, less headaches, my monthly cycle pain dramatically reduced, a stronger immune system, & improved thyroid function. Also, I am a violinist, & when I first came to The Drugless Doctors I was having a lot of left shoulder pain & it was affecting my playing. When I started getting chiropractic adjustments, along with improving my diet & nutrition, the shoulder pain disappeared! I'm so grateful for The Drugless Doctors & all of their knowledge! They are truly dedicated to getting to the bottom of every health concern their patients have. Make an appointment with them today - you'll be glad you did! :-)

We would love to help you, too! Come and see us at our chiropractic and wellness practice in Westlake and Elyria, Ohio.

TDD: Organic Farming

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a farmer? Our guest in our newest "The Drugless Doctor" shares his processes for organic farming to make sure the food you eat is the healthiest it can be!

Organic farming is important to us, and we will be in support of this issue at the Cleveland "March Against Monsanto" which will be taking place later this month.