Our 10 Tips to Help Improve Posture

Do you ever notice how you are standing? Do you stand straight up, or are you hunched over? We have a list of ten tips that will help improve your posture, including chiropractic adjustments.

1. Proper use of Cell Phones- When texting, emailing, or surfing the web on your electronic device of choice make sure to keep your head from looking in the down position. This is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to poor head posture.

2. Desk Ergonomics – When it comes to using computers make sure the screen is at eye level and that your legs and arms are at 90 degrees to the floor.

3. Head Exercises – An exercise that is easy to do involves bringing your head back by tucking your chin in and keeping your eyes level. (it looks as if you are making a double chin)

4. Take side pictures of yourself - This is a great way to monitor changes that are being made to improve posture awareness!

5. Exercise Bands – Get an exercise band and hold your hands out in front of your chest and pull your arms apart while holding on to the exercise band. This exercise will help to strengthen a muscle group called the rhomboids which are important for keeping your head in its normal position.

6. Exercise Ball – One of the very best things to do for improving posture is to lay back and arch your back over an exercise ball. This helps to combat the forces of gravity that we experience every day.

7. Door Jamb – The door jam is an exercise that helps work with the rhomboid muscle group as well. Place your arms on either side of a door post and bring your body forward while bracing between the door posts. It is like doing a standing push up between door posts and helps to strengthen the rhomboids.

8. Proper Sleep Position – The very best position to sleep is on your back with a cervical curve pillow. A cervical curve pillow provides a relaxing position for your spine. It may be uncomfortable at first, but over time your body will thank you. Check Theraputica pillow out if you need a recommendation.

9. Deep Breathing – several times throughout the day make sure to take deep breaths which allow us to be aware of our posture and helps sooth and calm our body systems.

10. Find your local chiropractor in order to help improve posture from the inside out.