Practice Member Testimonials & Weight Loss Videos

We hope your new year is starting out as well as you would like. Here, we are working on giving our digital audience additional videos in the new year. Today, we have FOUR new videos for you including two testimonials - one on energy improvement, and the other on hip pain relief and weight loss. Please share with any of your friends who you know can benefit.

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Facebook Live | #PreventSurgery Men's Health

Hi Everyone! Dr. Bob's #PreventSurgery Facebook live broadcast this month was on men's health (June is recognized as Men's Health Month). He discussed the top men's health concerns he sees each day in the practice and the drugless protocol he recommends. One of those happens to be stress, and next week, we invite you to join us at our "Half-Hour to Health" at our Westlake practice: Thursday 6p. See you there!



Facebook Live | Men's Health

This month, Dr. Bob's focus on his website was men's health. We have it embedded below, which includes information on your liver, thinning hair, and more! For more information on Dr. Bob's book, Men's Health-The Basics, please go here.

#NoMeds: Prostate Help with Chiropractic

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and we always try to highlight one of our practice members each week whom we have helped. This week we have a practice member who had a prostatetectomy (not good), but with chiropractic and drugless care, their PSA numbers have improved. Please watch his story below and come visit us so we can help you too! 

Please go here to view Dr. Bob's Q & A on prostate health.