The Drugless Doctors | March 2018


Hi Everyone!

We're (hopefully) in winter's final stretch, but who knows what Cleveland has up their sleeve, right? Regardless, we have a great month planned, including our Half-Hour to Health on March 7th at noon and March 8th at 6p, both at our Westlake practice.

This month will be focusing on a drugless approach to anxiety and depression. Did you know over 40 million Americans have symptoms of these two conditions? Our core focus in chiropractic is to help your brain work properly with the body. We also provide additional support with personalized nutrition, which we will go into more detail at our March H2H.

In-Office Specials

Li-Zyme Forte – This is a vegetable-based lithium product. It is especially helpful in balancing out our neurochemistry and can have a relaxing effect on the body especially in times of severe stress and anxiety.



Celtic Sea Salt – ALL Products on specials – Celtic Sea Salt is a beneficial blend of mineral salt that helps provide the body with the nutrients that it would not get on its own.  Most people misunderstand salt and think it is not healthy. However, Celtic Sea Salt is the opposite; our body needs salt and what better way to get it than its most natural form.


Hair Analysis: In-Depth

Have you ever considered getting a hair analysis? This test provides a mineral blueprint of your biochemistry, metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity.  If you are interested in having this test done, please touch base with the team or doctors at your next office visit.


March Events

March 7 - H2H @ Westlake Office. 12 pm. Topic: A Drugless Approach To Anxiety and Depression!

March 8 - H2H @ Westlake Office. 6 pm. Topic: A Drugless Approach To Anxiety and Depression!

March 13 - Dr. Bob @ French Creek YMCA Community Room. 1-2pm. Topic: How to Detox Naturally.

Mar 15 -  Faster Results Workshop 6 pm - Helping our members get the fastest results in and outside the office @ Westlake office

Lastly, do you have a business or organization that could benefit from hearing a personalized talk about health? Having subpar health in an organization is one of the leading causes of lack of production and happiness as a group.  \If you are interested in having our team do a presentation on a variety of topics including: stress, energy, eating well on a budget and many more, please contact!


The Drugless Doctors | In Our Community - October 9-15


Hi Everyone!

This past week allowed us the opportunity to connect and share about health with some great people across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, education, yoga, financial planning, and even having fun with some superheroes. There's still time to register for our November 10th Breast Thermography Day, and if you or someone you know is in the Naples, Florida region, have them head over to Kunjani Coffee this Saturday at 11:30a for a Women's Health Celebration with Dr. Bob. Go here for more.

Westlake Fall Festival

Westlake Fall Festival

Dr. Casen with Mayor Dennis Clough

Dr. Casen with Mayor Dennis Clough

Equity Trust Health Fair

Equity Trust Health Fair

Fairview Park & Friends

Fairview Park & Friends


If you would like us to come and speak on behalf of your organization (Lunch & Learn, Health Fair, etc.), please email We look forward to helping your team become as healthy as they can be!

Allergies & Nutritional Supplements

Allergies can be healed naturally with chiropractic care and also changes in lifestyle and the foods you eat. Dr. Anthony also shares one product we use in our practice from Biotics Research Corporation that has proven effective to help our practice members. To view the product, please go here, or come visit us at our chiropractic practice in Westlake, Ohio.

April Calendar

April is only a few days away and we have something planned for you each week. Please email us if you would have any questions:

April 3 - Dr. Casen - lululemon Crocker Park - 10-10:45am complimentary wellness assessments, free yoga 9-10

April 5 – Dr. Casen – Tri-C Westshore –  Leading a Balanced Life 11-12

April 5 - Dr. Anthony and Dr. Casen - Detoxification with The Drugless Doctors - Townhall Restaurant Ohio CIty - Time of Talk: 6:30pm,

Reserve seats on eventbrite

April 6 @ noon and April 7 @ 6pm. April H2H at our Westlake office – Topic: What your medical doctor is not telling you about allergies!

April 12 - Dr. Casen - Beckett Gas Health Fair in Strongsville - 2:00-4:30pm

April 14 – 4:30 – 8:30 –Dr. Casen – Connecting for Kids – Rocky River Civic Center

April 14 @ 6pm - New member orientation at our Westlake office, friends and families welcome!

April 20 @1pm - Dr. Bob at Avon Lake Senior Center at golf course – Anti Aging and Increase Energy

April 25 - Westlake Senior Center – Dr. Casen – Posture Tips: A Healthy Spine Is A Healthy You@ 1PM

April 27 - Mustard Seed Highland Square – Detoxification 6PM

April 30 - Dr. A and Dr. C. - The Sail by the Lake at Avon Lake High School - 9:00am-3:00pm