Peppermint & Your Digestion

Have you wondered why they have peppermint candy at restaurants after you finish the meal? Dr. Anthony shares how actual peppermint can help aid your digestion in this quick video. For more information about the product Dr. Anthony is holding, please go here

How To: Build Your Immune System

Whenever you start to feel that "sick" feeling, that is when you should immediately get to a chiropractor so we can help heal you. Also in this video, Dr. Anthony shares a product we all use whenever (which is rare) we would feel the throat scratch begin. 

To help prevent any sickness and to help heal your spine, please visit The Drugless Doctors' chiropractic and wellness clinic in Westlake and Elyria, Ohio; you'll be glad you did!

Our November Office Focus: Your Immune System

The weather for much of the US is fluctuating between temperatures that can be warm one day, and then cold the next. If your immune system is not functioning at an optimal level, your body can be vulnerable to sickness. This month at both of our practices, our goal is to help build up your immune system, especially since there will be traveling, and the prior-mentioned weather changes. One of the products we recommend because we have seen the results first-hand is Gaia Herbs' Rapid Immune Response (Product Info below). It's good to have a bottle (or two) on your shelf and begin to take two an hour when you first feel symptoms of a cold until it's gone. Also, we are offering it for 10% off in our practices only.