How to Stay Young, Naturally!

USA Today- Recent study was done on people 60+, when asked about things they would have done differently to prepare for their senior years- the top 2 items were taken better care of their health and spending more time with family.

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June H2H | Anti-Aging

Everywhere you go it seems like there's a new skin-care company promoting a product which will cure fine lines and wrinkles. It's true that we want to look as young as we can for as long as we can, and for this month's H2H, we are looking at drugless and natural steps to help keep our youthful glow. Please watch the video below and share with anyone you know can benefit! For optimal viewing, please turn up the volume when watching!

The Drugless Doctors Anti-Aging Tips!

In June (and every month), we want to teach you our drugless tips on how to help age gracefully and to keep your youthful glow as long as possible!

A recent USA TODAY study done on people 60+, when asked about things they would have done differently to prepare for their senior years- the top 2 things were taken better care of their health and spending more time with family.

1. True health- is not more drugs or more surgeries, taking responsibility now-prevention now

2. Biological age vs. chronological age

3. Quality of lifestyle and diets can shorten or lengthen the human lifespan.

The Aging Process

- Oxygen and free radicals produce toxic chemicals in the body that hinder metabolism, accumulation of toxic breakdown products slows down body chemistry & interferes with enzyme functions. Scientists say we experience 10,000 individual free radicals each day.

- Sugar and inflammation- robs our body of minerals (especially chromium, potassium, zinc, and B vitamins). They prevent movement of essential fatty acid’s and stress out our pancreas and adrenal glands, inhibits our immune system, feeds yeast/bacteria, dissolves minerals in our teeth and causes WRINKLING.

Fact- rats that live on a calorie restricted diet with no sugar live 50% longer.

3. Stress and your environment- our capacity of stress has limits, if we exceed them our body breaks down, 2 types of stress: positive (things we choose to engage in/challenges us and strengthens) negative (tears us down). Physical, chemical, and emotional stresses on the body.

The Drugless Doctors Anti-Aging Plan

- Chiropractic: Supports your brain and nervous system. It stabilizes and enhances your ability to rebuild/heal yourself. It’s estimated there are 10,000 free radicals per day your body withstands. The CNS is the primary system that controls all function/healing in the body as well.

- Healthy fuel for your body- to help keep cells active/clean/moving

- Digestive efficiency, optimal bowel flora, bowel movements

- Clean water- drinking 1⁄2 your body weight in ounces per day

- Avoidance of external/internal toxic influences (air, environment, chemicals, foods)

- Exercise-brain and body health, detoxification, balancing hormones, movement is life

- Sunshine -> Vitamin D

- Positive goals, activities, supportive relationships, self-esteem

- Enjoyment of your own life- if it is to be, it is up to ME


Our Top 3 Anti–Aging Products

1. Oil (flax, fish, Optimal EFA’s) – 1 tablespoon per day or 3 capsules

2. Bio- Protect Plus – high in antioxidants and green tea extract

3. Resveratrol 150 from Gaia  Herbs– Antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic

The Drugless Doctors: June Events

Summer’s in Northeast Ohio are always filled with plenty of fun activities, including farmer’s markets, ball games, and graduations. We also have plenty of fun within our community, especially our “Half-Hour to Health” on anti-aging strategies and the Cleveland Birth Expo. Hopefully we will see you at a few. Scroll down to continue to read about this month’s focus and our “@ Work” Lunch & Learns.

Our June Events

June 7 - Half-Hour to Health. Noon. Westlake. “Anti-Aging” Strategies

June 8 - Half-Hour to Health. 6p. Westlake. “Anti-Aging” Strategies

June 8 - Dr. Casen with the Cleveland Clinic. 6-7p. South Central Park, North Ridgeville.

June 10 - Drs. Anthony & Casen. 10a-2p. Avon Health & Safety Fair at Avon High School.

June 13 - Faster Results Workshop. 6p. Westlake. Helping you get fast health results.

June 13 - Dr. Casen at French Creek YMCA. 12-1p. Why Correct Posture is Important!

June 15 - Bay Arts Farmer’s Market. 5-8p

June 17 - “Cahoon in June.” 9a-4p. Cahoon Park - Bay Village

June 24 - Westside Flea @ North Olmsted Community Park 9a-3p

June 25 - Drs. Anthony and Casen. 10a-6p. Cleveland Birth Expo. Cooper Stone Catering & Event Center, Brooklyn

In-Office Specials for June – 10% off

Resveratrol 150 - This is a potent antioxidant that supports anti-aging properties: reduces stress on the heart, possible cancer suppressant, and improves muscular health

Bio-Protect Plus - Another powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the impact of oxidation stress on the body. It has a variety of known antioxidants to help keep your body young.

Complete Kare Spray - An excellent liquid spray for skin challenges associated with the summer: insect bites, burns, scrapes, cuts, hives, diaper rash, and sunburn. All of these can be impacted by the potent blend of vitamins that help the skin regenerate itself.

Raise your hand if you want to look young forever?!

In June we will be discussing the topic of Anti-Aging – check out this article for drugless tips and strategies for anti-aging.

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