How to Stay Young, Naturally!


How to Stay Young, Naturally!

USA Today- Recent study was done on people 60+, when asked about things they would have done differently to prepare for their senior years- the top 2 items were taken better care of their health and spending more time with family.

Biological age vs. Chronological Age

Factors of the aging process-

Oxygen and free radicals- produce toxic chemicals in the body that hinder metabolism, accumulation of toxic breakdown products slows down body chemistry & interferes with enzyme functions. Scientists say we experience 10,000 individual free radicals each day.

Sugar and inflammation- robs our body of minerals (especially chromium, potassium, zinc, and B vitamins). They prevent movement of EFA’s and stress on our pancreas and adrenal glands; inhibits our immune system, feeds yeast/bacteria, dissolves minerals in our teeth and causes WRINKLING.

Fact- rats that live on a calorie restricted diet with no sugar live 50% longer.

Stress and your environment- our capacity of stress has limits.If we exceed them, our body breaks down. There are two types of stress: positive (things we choose to engage in/challenges us and strengthens) negative (tears us down). Physical, chemical, and emotional stresses on the body.

The Drugless Doctors Anti-Aging Wellness Plan:

1. Chiropractic- Supports your brain and nervous system, stabilizes and enhances your ability to rebuild/heal yourself.

3. Digestive efficiency, optimal bowel flora, bowel movements

4. Clean water- drinking ½ your body weight in ounces per day

5. Avoidance of external/internal toxic influences (air, environment, chemicals, foods)

6. Exercise-brain and body health, detoxification, balancing hormones, movement is life

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