TDD: Detoxification

Each day at our practice we have individuals wondering what is the best way to cleanse and "detox" their body. In this TDD episode, we share how do to just that. Tomorrow night, we're continuing the conversation at TownHall Restaurant in Cleveland and we'd love it for your to join us. You can RSVP for free by clicking here.

#TBT: H2H Detoxification

We love to have fun at our practice, and we were able to find some old videos of Dr. Bob at our old practice in Elyria for his "Half-Hour to Health". This is a three-part video series on detoxification. His style may have been updated, but the information will still help you, enjoy!

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TDD: Detoxification

One of the top questions we receive daily at our practice is, "How do I detoxify my body?". Many of us also want to cleanse our body the right way when beginning a new year, and we recently taped a "The Drugless Doctor" episode on detoxification. You can also view and download Dr. Bob's "Cleanse & Purify" devotional, now on YouVersion. If you have any questions, or would like to visit our chiropractic practice in Westlake, please go here. We would love to help you!