A Drugless Approach to Anxiety and Depression


A Drugless Approach to Anxiety and Depression

Hi Everyone!

May is Mental Health Month and we our H2H was on helping anxiety and depression. Below are our notes and corresponding video. We also have in-office specials which you can view below.

Why are we as Chiropractors talking about mental health?

Current research is showing that chiropractic care alone can increase brain function by 50%!

How does someone’s mental health impact their body and current state of health?  

Humans are the only animals who regularly experience a stress response without an actual stressor present.

- How many adults have depression? Over 6.8 million American adults have an anxiety disorder.

- How many adults have anxiety? Over 40 million adults over 18 have anxiety.


1. Studies have repeatedly shown antidepressants work no better than placebo for mild to moderate depression, yet carry a significant risk of side effects

2. Depression is likely the result of multiple environmental and biological factors, including faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, nutrition, medications and medical problems, among others


1. What is it? Fear or nervousness of what might happen.

2. Body Signals: signs of apprehension, restlessness, upset stomach, short of breath, fatigue, insomnia, increase heart rate, sweating, and many others.

Some of the best ways to combat anxiety and depression:

A. Chiropractic- Brain and body connection

B. Fat – Get your oil checked.

C. Minerals

D. B Vitamins

E. Exercise

F. Clean Eating

G. Gut Health

May In-Office Specials:

Li-Zyme Forte- 10 % off- Vegetable source of lithium to relax the nervous system. Take 1-6/day with meals.

Celtic Sea Salt- All salts 10 % off. Minerals from the ocean; sprinkle liberally on breakfast, lunch, dinner- ¼ tsp. in 20 oz. water.

Food Stressor Assessment- This month only $50 (normally $75) - this is a bio-communication assessment which will show what foods your body may be sensitive to.  A great tool to see how else you can improve your digestion naturally!