GMO's 101

October is recognized as Non-GMO Awareness month, and the word "GMO" might be a new phrase and concept for you, but we are now seeing the effects of eating GMO-based foods at our practice. In this "Get to Know", Dr. Bob shares what a GMO is, how it affects your health, and how to educate yourself on whether you know the food you eat is derived from a GMO seed or not.

October is Non-GMO Month

October is recognized as Non-GMO Month. You may be wondering what a GMO seed is, and if it affects your health, well, we taped a recent episode of "The Drugless Doctor" where we answer all of those questions, which you can view below:

We will also be having a discussion about GMO's later this month at TownHall restaurant in Ohio City (Downtown Cleveland) with Abraham Nabors of the Mustard Seed Market. Please RSVP and bring your friends!

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