TDD: Cancer Prevention

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word: Cancer? In our new "The Drugless Doctor", we look at ways that you can prevent cancer including lifestyle modification.

If you are visiting our blog for the first time, we have been able to help many practice members prevent and stop cancer and we would love to help you at our chiropractic and nutrition-based practice in Westlake and Elyria, OH. Please contact us here.

TDD: Cholesterol

How is your cholesterol? Are you on a statin medication? In our practice, cholesterol is one of the top health concerns of our practice members and we are often able to naturally help their numbers. In this episode of The Drugless Doctor, our team shares tips to keep your cholesterol healthy. Enjoy! 

TDD: Your Memory

Although our practice focus during November is on your immune system, this month is recognized as Alzheimer's Awareness Month. We see many practice members who are concerned about memory loss and will do anything to curb symptoms of Alzheimer's. In a recent episode of "The Drugless Doctor" we spend the entire episode on improving your memory. If you need to boost your memory, please come visit us in Cleveland, you'll be glad you did!