Healing Headaches Naturally


How to Decrease Headaches Naturally!

If you regularly have a headache, you know how much of a headache that can actually be. That said, we consistently help our practice members heal themselves from the inside out, with one of the benefits being no more headaches … at all! We want the same for you, and here are our notes from this month’s H2H, with the video replay below.

What Causes Headaches?

The F3 System: Form, Function, & Fuel



-Structure – neck curve

-Its impact on the nervous system’s ability to talk properly to the body


-Body signals of headaches – headaches before menses, morning headaches, headaches when sleeping, bright light bothering your eyes, craving salt, and sugar

-How many headaches are normal?

-What is life like without headaches?

Fuel – What you put in your body

-The missing puzzle piece

-Minerals and nutrients


Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your friends and family.