Friends in the Community: Live Fit Personal Training and Nutrition

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our first “Friends in the Community” blog. We’re excited to share with you our colleagues throughout the region, making Northeast Ohio a happier and healthy place. Our first guest: Live Fit Personal Training & Nutrition!

Live Fit Personal Training and Nutrition uses an individualized approach to help people engage in healthier habits. By focusing on the individual in one-on-one appointments, we are able to design workouts that prevent pain from previous injuries, cater to personal goals, and achieve optimal results. We accommodate a variety of client needs—anywhere from improving a child’s sports performance to eliminating the need for a walker in an older adult.

Here at Live Fit, we know our clients by their first name and celebrate birthdays regularly. Everyone finds it easy to get to know the trainers and other clients due to our private gym environment—eliminating crowds and unnecessary intimidation.

 Looking to manage your weight? Our full-time Registered Dietitian can help you get on track. We offer one-hour appointments to help develop a nutrition plan that works for you. We make evidence-based recommendations to get you the best, research-backed results.

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds including ballet, strength training, kickboxing, and functional training. Through our diverse experience, we are able to design workouts that match your interests and make everyday something different. Check out our website for more information:

Our certified professionals offer 30-minute workouts and 60-minute nutrition consults that can be scheduled to fit your needs any time from 5:30AM- 8PM. Interested in a free personal training consult? Call 440-250-9988 or Email for more information. We look forward to helping you take steps towards a healthier lifestyle!