Eating Healthy on a Budget


How to Eat Healthy on a Budget!

Hi Everyone! 

We are in the final third of 2019, (can you believe it?!), and we are kicking off the fall season on a mission to help keep your wallet healthy as well as your physical body. 

For our September H2H we are looking at eating healthy on a budget, which includes the video below. Comment on our Facebook post on how YOU eat healthy on a budget. 

Tips & Strategies

1. Planning ahead – best way to save money

2. Make and buy things in bulk – crock pot, big pots; use Pyrex

3. Shop around – Trader Joe’s, Costco, Whole Foods, Earthfare, WSM, Mustard Seed, Heinen’s.

4. Remember to try new things

5. Look for sales

6. Plant a garden/or join a co-op

7. Budget friendly health foods – cabbage, onions, salad, chicken, ground/beef /lamb

8. Try not to throw away waste, figure out how to re-purpose.

9. Minimize going out to eat

10.  Find out healthy restaurants

Action Steps: (You fill these in :) ) 




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Have a great month! 

Dr. Bob, Dr. Anthony, Dr. Casen, Dr. Aimee