Cholesterol Education Month: Know Your Numbers

September is recognized as National Cholesterol Awareness Month and it's our hope that you are able to apply these drugless principles in regards to achieving a healthy cholesterol number.

Recently, Merck, the producer of Vytorin™ a cholesterol lowering drug agreed to pay $688 million dollars to settle a suit that was said to have harmed investors by delaying the release of unfavorable study results. (Nothing was said in the article about the harm to the unsuspecting consumer or end user). Merck earned $6.6 Billion in 2012; so what do you think the $688 million really means to its bottom line? Traditionally the manufacturer who is paying for the research on a product typically locates a scientist somewhere to declare what they would like to sell a product. Did you know there were over 300 peer reviewed articles retracted recently because the information was fabricated? More info here:  

Cholesterol is the building block for the hormones for pain, sugar handling stress, mineral absorption and sexual function. When your body is low or deficient in cortisone, look at the lower right side of the flow chart (In the "Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones), the system is started with cholesterol, which is translated to pregnenelone àprogesteroneà17-hydroxyprogesteroneà, then cortisone. If you, have been putting your hand in the “cookie jar”, you will make use of all the cortisol, and your body must respond by making more cholesterol, then it will once again go through the steps to become cortisone. When you have a cortisone deficiency, you will notice pain, fatigue, salt craving, depression and a back that “goes out” for no apparent reason. The cycle is one of the most common and misunderstood challenges that plague so many who are watching the red meat, cheese, eggs and dairy products.

When there's a practice member who presents to the office consistent cholesterol levels above 225 and up to 250 the concern is they are eating too many sweets and pastries fried in trans fat (the most common cause of elevated cholesterol). Cholesterol is the first step to create cortisone which is analogous to the ”water” a fireman uses to put out the fire. The more you eat to create the fire, the more cholesterol you will need to make cortisone to put out the fire. LDL lipoproteins are used to take the fireman or cholesterol to the fire. We encourage our patients to add quality marine oils sourced from anchovy and sardines. We suggest these oils because the fish are small with reduced levels of fat, which easily tend to have toxic buildup.

The ”takeaway” we want you to gain knowledge of from this tip is cholesterol is not the “bad guy”, it is a beneficial part of your body ecosystem.  Lowering your cholesterol below 160 with medications has the potential to create distress and other severe health challenges.  Weencourage you to have your LDL, HDL and cholesterol assessed yearly.  If you do not respond to the traditional medical diet changes, have your thyroid checked and request a saliva and ASI test; this test will let us know how your adrenals glands are responding and what measures would be needed to support their function.