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No matter what time of the year, if you need to lose weight, start today! ICYMI, we had two packed houses this past week for our first "Half-Hour to Health" of the year. Here are our notes and video recap. Scroll to the bottom for our IN-OFFICE discount as well:

Top Five Keys For Weight Loss

1. Food – If you don’t put the right fuel in your body you don’t get the right outcome.

A. The top foods to avoid: sugar (or things that turn to sugar in your body), dairy, and grains

2. Become Calorie Conscious - It is not necessary to count each calorie, but to cut out additional "fru fru" calories

3. Make Exercise Fun – Doing some sort of exercise for 20-60 minutes every day is vital for weight loss

4. Breakfast is the key meal – Begin your day with a protein

5. Discipline – Stay away from things that you know don’t promote health in your body.

What is the Drugless Diet – This is a lifestyle transformation program that is 10 weeks.  It dives deeper into these concepts and offers accountability and guidance on correct dietary and exercise choices for ten weeks as well as interactive group meetings to address weight loss.  We only want people who would be committed to fully participating.

Top 5 keys to Detoxification

1. Detox starts with the liver – Your liver is the key organ for detoxification. Body signals of liver compromise include an enlarged liver on x-ray, skin challenges, age spots, bronzing on the cheeks, dark circles under eyes, cry easy, bad body odor, fatigue, brain fog, prostate or hormonal challenges.

2. Environmental Toxins – Our environment is very toxic, air is polluted, food sources have preservatives and are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, house hold cleaning products, chlorine, and fluorine.  A recent study in the journal Nature has 90% of cancers are caused by diet and environmental toxins.

3. Staying away from fruit/fructose – It is the hardest sugar for the liver to get rid of.

4. Gets rid of excess estrogen in the body – Increased estrogen in men and women will lead to health challenges and cancer.

5. Water - Water helps our bodies eliminate toxins.  – ½ your body weight in ounces of water is the goal.

The Drugless Detox: This is a program that was designed in order to help clean up liver and digestive tract function. It is composed of three products. Bio Detox packs – this is a group of 10 products designed to clean up liver function. Nutriclear is a very effective way to help clean up the liver and promote healing in the digestive tract. Pea Protein allows the building blocks for new growth in the body. This is a program that is designed to be done in 10 days (3 detox packs a day) or in 30 days (1 pack a day).

Detox Program

Bio-Detoxification is designed to reduce your body’s load of toxic substances, which may be present from either external sources (drugs, chemicals, alcohol) or your own physiological activities (bacterial toxins, intestinal toxins, metabolic byproducts). By following this program, you will eliminate many food and metabolic toxins for allergens, and achieve more “healthy” function and vitality.

Benefits of The Drugless Detox: increase immune function, increase liver function which is important for weight loss and hormonal function, improved mental cognition, improved energy, improved digestion, decreased joint and body pain.

What should I eat during the ten day detoxification program? Focus on proteins and vegetables and work on eliminating fruits, grains, gluten, and sugar. Make sure to drink plenty of water during your detoxification process.

Q. Should I expect any side effects?

A. Individual response to cleansing programs is highly variable due to personal differences in biochemical makeup, stress levels, toxin build-up, and medical histories. Individuals sometimes experience headaches, joint pain, mood swings, constipation or other side effects. These side effects are commonly associated with cleansing programs and usually dissipate within a week to 10 days. Notify your health care professional if you develop any adverse symptoms, or encounter discomfort while using this product.

Important Factors to Consider

Water – Drinking the proper amount of water helps our body get rid of the toxins that the body is working on excreting.  A good bench mark is to consume half of our body weight in ounces of water every day

Eat Right – It is important to consume foods that allow our body to detoxify properly which means focusing on vegetables and proteins and decreasing fruits, sugar, and gluten.

Rest – Especially when going through a period of detoxification it is important for our bodies to get at the very minimum 8 hours of sleep at night so our body can process the toxins it is eliminating

Decrease exposure to environmental, industrial, and household chemicals - These chemicals get stored in our body and have many harmful effects on the body and nervous system.

Exercise- movement is life.  Have a pattern of everyday exercise for yourself- this will promote elimination of toxins.


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