The Drugless Doctors: Our October Events

October is one of our favorite months of the whole year, especially because we always look forward to our Women’s Wellness Event, which is on the sixth of October at a larger venue (you can invite all your friends, hint hint). We also have talks on stress and weight loss strategies throughout the month as well. See you soon!

Our October Events

Monday 3rd - Dr. Bob. Mustard Seed Montrose. 6pm. “Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally.” RSVP free here. 

Wednesday 5th @ noon- Westlake Office. “How to Eat Healthy on a Budget”

Thursday 6th - Women’s Wellness Event. Westlake Recreation Center. 6:30-8:00pm. "Breast Health & Decreasing Stress.” Register here.

Thursday 13th @ 6pm - New Member Orientation @ Westlake- Learn ways to eat well, move well, and think well. This is a great class for new members, friends and family are welcome!

Monday 17th. Mustard Seed Solon. 6pm.  “Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally.”

Monday 24th - Dr. Bob. 1pm.  Westlake Senior Center. “Stress Relief”

Tuesday 25th - Dr. Anthony. Mustard Seed Montrose. 6pm.  “Secrets to Weight Loss Success”

Wednesday 26th - Dr. Anthony. Mustard Seed Solon. 6pm. “Secrets to Weight Loss Success”

Thursday 27th - Dr. Anthony. Mustard Seed Highland Square. 6 PM. “Secrets to Weight Loss Success”

Our September Events!

This month we have a lot of fun events planned in our community, and we also want you to save the date for our annual "Women's Wellness Event" in October. We will be at a larger venue, so please invite all of your friends to join!

September Events

September 5 - Labor Day – Office Closed – Open on Tuesday both Westlake and Elyria

September 7th @ Noon - H2H: Topic: What the government is not telling you about your health!

September 8th @ 6PM- H2H: Topic: What the government is not telling you about your health!

September 12 - Dr. Casen - Bendix Talk - 3:00-4:00 - Topic: Freedom From Stress

September 13 - Montrose Mustard Seed - 6 PM - Topic: Raising Healthy Kids

September 14 - Solon Mustard Seed - 6 PM - Topic: Raising Healthy Kids

September 15 - Dr. Bob - Lorain County Wellness - 7:30-9:00am

September 15- 6PM- New Practice Member Orientation, this is a great class for new members we will be discussing how to eat well, move well, think well.

September 15 - Highland Square Mustard Seed - 6 PM - Topic: Raising Healthy Kids

September 20 - Lakewood Public Library - 7-8 PM - Topic: Eat well, move well, think well

September 21 - Dr. Bob - Heinen's Rocky River - 6:30pm - Topic: How To Prevent Surgery

September 23 - Thermography Day

September 25- Drs. A & C - LuluLemon 10AM balancing body assessments (be there at 9:30AM)

Septeember 27 - TownHall Restaurant Cleveland - 6:30 pm - Topic: How to decrease stress and create balance in your life. More info, plus RSVP (free) here.

Our May Calendar

We can't believe it's already May! Even though we'd like to see some warmer weather, we have plenty of exciting events at our practice and in the Cleveland region during the month. Please look at the calendar and come to as many as you can; we look forward to seeing you!

May 4th- H2H at Westlake office, Free workshop on "How to Improve Posture". Friends and family are welcome, 12-12:30PM

May 5th- Women's Event at Westlake office

May 7th- Clevelend Vegfest at Cleveland Convention Center 10-8PM, see their website for more information.

May 12th- New Member orientation class at 6PM

May 16th- Dr. Bob is at Mustard Seed-Solon speaking on Anti-Aging at 6PM

May 20th- Breast Thermography Day

May 21- March Against Monsanto, Dr. Bob speaking at noon on GMO's in Ohio City

May 30th- Memorial Day-office closed

May 31st- Westlake office and Elyria office open normal hours 8-6PM

April Calendar

April is only a few days away and we have something planned for you each week. Please email us if you would have any questions:

April 3 - Dr. Casen - lululemon Crocker Park - 10-10:45am complimentary wellness assessments, free yoga 9-10

April 5 – Dr. Casen – Tri-C Westshore –  Leading a Balanced Life 11-12

April 5 - Dr. Anthony and Dr. Casen - Detoxification with The Drugless Doctors - Townhall Restaurant Ohio CIty - Time of Talk: 6:30pm,

Reserve seats on eventbrite

April 6 @ noon and April 7 @ 6pm. April H2H at our Westlake office – Topic: What your medical doctor is not telling you about allergies!

April 12 - Dr. Casen - Beckett Gas Health Fair in Strongsville - 2:00-4:30pm

April 14 – 4:30 – 8:30 –Dr. Casen – Connecting for Kids – Rocky River Civic Center

April 14 @ 6pm - New member orientation at our Westlake office, friends and families welcome!

April 20 @1pm - Dr. Bob at Avon Lake Senior Center at golf course – Anti Aging and Increase Energy

April 25 - Westlake Senior Center – Dr. Casen – Posture Tips: A Healthy Spine Is A Healthy You@ 1PM

April 27 - Mustard Seed Highland Square – Detoxification 6PM

April 30 - Dr. A and Dr. C. - The Sail by the Lake at Avon Lake High School - 9:00am-3:00pm

October Events

October is one of our favorite months of the year, and this year, we have an event almost everyday discussing a variety of topics including anti-aging, GMO's, and our women's wellness event at the end of the month. Here is our calendar, please call our office to RSVP as soon as possible for our women's event as space is limited and tickets go fast.

October 3 Ross Environmental: Anti-Aging Saturday

October 5 Mustard Seed Market-Solon "Balancing Female Hormones"

October 6 Heinen's Avon Commons-GMO Foods

October 7 Saint John's WestShore-Breast Cancer Survivor Class

October 8 Rocky River Business Expo

October 10 & 11 OSCA State Convention

October 13 Elyria Senior Men-Moose Club on Taylor Street

October 13 Tri-C Parma Branch-Women's Health 10-11 AM

October 14 Avon Seniors: Anti-Aging 11 AM-1 PM

October 15 Rocky River Civic Center- Increasing Energy & Decreasing Stress

October 19 Westlake Seniors on Center Ridge Road-Tips for Sleep

October 19 Mustard Seed Market Montrose "Balancing Female Hormones"

October 22 The Drugless Doctors' Westlake Office-Women Wellness Day 12:30 & 6:30

October 27 TownHall Restaurant Cleveland-GMO Discussion

We hope to see you out and about in the coming month!