How To: Boost Your Immune System

This article first appeared on our family site,, with Dr. Bob's tips on how to boost your immune system:

Your immune system made up a variety of organs, glands and systems all of which are interdependent on each other. Your whole body is literally designed to do its part to make sure you are on your game 100% of the time. Stress sabotages your immune system because it creates an acid pH in your body; pH is the measure of alkaline (like baking soda) and acid (like vinegar). Our body typically is an acid state because the bi-product of muscle metabolism is lactic acid. Continuous relentless stress means a lower or an acid pH which depletes minerals and vitamins and therefore needs to be balanced.

For example, calcium is needed to literally “glue” cell membranes together protecting the body from foreign invaders like viruses. When you have deficient calcium the cells are vulnerable and the membrane junctions are easily penetrated. People who have anything from the “flu” to walking or “viral” pneumonia tend to be under stress and/or may be blood Type A which historically have poor digestion and lack of calcium.

Have you noticed that the “flu” season starts right now? The season starts with “trick-or-treat” night which actually starts “sugar season” and will end around the Easter holiday. Sugar compromises the immune system by depleting minerals in the body, which are needed to fuel the warrior cells.

We use several products in the office to help you create a foundation and base for optimal function. You want to avoid stress as much as you possibly can. I would strongly encourage you to eat vegetables, which tend to help you maintain a “healthier” alkaline state for the purpose of keeping the acid under control.

The immune system can be compromised from the micro-trauma of daily living; lack of sleep, too many commitments and not enough time, processed food, toxic water, stress and genetically engineered food. It wise to take care of the immune system before it is near exhaustion I would recommend:

  1. Bio-Immunozyme Forte™; 3 daily supporting the entire system
  2. ADB5 Plus™; 4 daily to support adrenal function
  3. Bio B with C™; supporting cell and nervous system function

I would encourage you to be mindful of what you are also doing in the realm of sleep, food and beverage intake. Sleep is the time of rebuilding, worrying uses up vital minerals and vitamins, having a loaded “day planner” creates stress and the acid pH you want to avoid.