Natural Ways to Prevent Cancer


Hi Everyone!

This month, our H2H was on helpful ways to prevent cancer. Below are our notes from the discussion, and video at the bottom to watch and share with your friends. After watching, what is one thing you can do to change your life today?

How to Prevent Cancer- Naturally!

• One hundred years ago, 1 in 80 Americans were diagnosed with cancer. Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get diagnosed with cancer.

• The Journal of Nature January 2016- 90% of all cancer is related to the environment and lifestyle choices.

• The average cost of any cancer treatment in the traditional model is 50k per episode.

Top Prevention Strategies

Food: minimize carbs, sugar, and dairy. These sugars can cause the body to be a breeding ground for cancer.

Eat organic and Non-GMO: herbicides and pesticides compromise how the body heals

Weight Management: being overweight is a major risk factor in leading towards developing cancer

Supplement with Vitamin D: it supports apoptosis; studies show one year of supplementing can reduce all cancer by 77%.

Minimize toxic exposure: this can be from an occupation or through chemicals utilized in the home.

Healthy Liver Function: detox, castor oil pack, Livotrit, milk thistle, minimal alcohol and sugar consumption

Chiropractic: happy immune system and brain allows the body to communicate.

Good lymphatic system: the garbage trucks of your body move toxins; bounce on an exercise ball, lymph massage.

Your Action Steps:

1. Invite a friend to our next workshop!

2. Consider the next step for your “cancer prevention” strategy- is it nutritional support, breast thermography, a blood test?