Naturally Boosting Your Immune System

We are entering the time of year where we are beginning to see cooler temperatures, which means, it's also time to start thinking about ways to keep your immune system strong in order for you to not get sick! Here are a list of ways you can do so naturally, including nutrition we recommend to all of our practice members during this season.

How To: improve Immune Function

1. What is the Immune System and why is it important? – The immune system helps to keep our body free of harmful substances that might enter our body. There are a variety of different factors that go into a strong immune system. Your immune system works closely with the nervous system and the hormonal system that is in our body.

2. Flu Shots – We do not promote flu shots.

A. Flu shots are educated guesses

B. Harmful additives in the flu shot include: formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), polysorbate 80, MSG, Potassium phosphate, Mercury, Polyoxidonium, squalene, and aluminum

C. Reactions to the flu vaccine include: Life-threatening allergies to various ingredients, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Encephalitis (brain inflammation), neurological disorders, and thrombocytopenia.

D. On the package of a flu vaccine from their 2009-2010 formula the label read " FLULAVAL is an influenza virus vaccine indicated for active immunization of adults 18 years of age and older against influenza disease caused by influenza virus subtypes A and type B contained in the vaccine. This indication is based on immune response elicited by FLULAVAL, and there have been no controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.”

E. Flu vaccination does not promote healthy immune function

F. Healthy people 2020, requiring health care providers to take flu shots against their will in order to maintain funding.

G. Studies from Canada showing people are more likely to get the flu the year after they were vaccinated verses not being vaccinated at all.

H. Don’t get bullied into a flu shot – talk to a health care provider, even contact Alan Philips vaccine attorney to explore other options.

How To: Boost Your Immune System

1. Get adjusted! - Chiropractic care works the closes with the nervous, hormonal, and immune system.

2. Avoid Sugar at all costs – sugar stops are immune system from being able to help take on foreign invaders in our body. This is a major reason why people get sick around the Holiday season.

3. Avoid Stress – Chronic stress will deplete the immune system and can keep us prone to becoming sick.

Supplements That Boost Immune Function

1. Agrisept- Boosts your immune system by taking on harmful bacteria, fungus, and yeast that may be present in the body. Very simply take ten drops in a glass of water every day to help boost immune function.

2. RxA and RxP Defense – The "A" stands for Acute and "P" is for chronic. The acute defense is an herbal blend that is very powerful at helping your body’s immune system fight what is taking place in the body. The chronic defense is very helpful at taking care of a cold that is lingering and doesn’t seem to go away. The acute defense should be taken 2 every waking hour until the bottle is gone. We have had many people have positive success stories with this product.

3. Bio D-mulsion – Vitamin D is an important factor when it comes to make sure immune function is up to par. Research shows that adequate levels of vitamin D help keep your immune system functioning properly. Proper use is to take one drop on your tongue daily (2000 IU). Liquid Vitamin D is absorbed better by the body verses in capsule form.

4. Bio-Immunozyme Forte - A unique, broad-spectrum multiple designed to specifically support normal, healthy immune function. It provides a wide array of vitamin, mineral, botanical, amino acid and organ/glandular specific support. 2-3 capsules 3x a day with meals.

5. Bio-FCTS - A broad spectrum bioflavonoid product fortified with vitamin C and providing glandular/organ specific support. Among their functions, bioflavonoids act as antioxidants, help to stabilize vitamin C, and support immune health. This is particualrlly helpful with viral and bacterial infections. 2-3capsules 3x a day with meals.

6. Zinc – Zinc is an important mineral when it comes to immune function. Protocol for taking zinc is to start with taking a capful of aqueous zinc daily until a bitter metallic flavor appears. Once it is present us Zn-Zyme tablets 1 to 3 per day.

7. Olive Leaf – Olive leaf is an herbal formula derived from the leaves of olives trees. Olive leaf has shown to have tremendous anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

8. URI Formula – This is an herbal blend supplement that is designed specifically for Upper Respiratory Infections and helps support those tissues on the road to recovery.

Action Steps

1. Make changes to the amount of sugar we are consuming on a daily basis.

2. Do something to support Immune function. By being proactive on our health we set ourselves up for success.

3. Educate ourselves on the flu vaccine to know what it is, the ingredients that are in it and some of the harmful effects of the flu vaccination.