September H2H: Be Proactive!

It's important that we take measures to educate ourselves about what is really happening around the world around us, including food safety, unwanted chemical and toxic exposure, and more. In this month's "Half-Hour to Health," we discussed what are some ways to promote our health freedoms.

The Current Healthcare Model vs. a "Sick-Care" model. (Chiropractic Care Vs Allopathic Care)

A. The medicare model is broken

B. The body can heal itself from the inside out

C. WHO ranks USA at 37 in terms of total health, however USA spends way more on our model than any other

D. 3rd leading cause of death in USA is medical model. Johns Hopkins University 2016 and JAMA 2004.

2. Cancer - Most cases of cancer result from avoidable factors such as toxic chemicals and radiation, contends a study published online in Nature on 16 December (S. Wu et al. Nature) In 2012, the reported spending on cancer treatment was 124.6 billion dollars. 

3. Our Drug Problem - The global market for pharmaceuticals topped $1 trillion in sales in 2014. The world’s 10 largest drug companies generated $429.4 billion of that revenue. Five of the top 10 companies are headquartered in the U.S.: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbot Laboratories, Merck and Eli Lilly.

4. GMO- President Obama signed law in July 2016 to stop foods containing genetically modified foods from being labeled. GMO foods have never been proven to be scientifically safe to eat. In fact, all countries of the European Union have outlawed their use.

5. Natural Flavors -The FDA does not require manufacturers to list detailed information on the source or type of natural flavors used in the ingredients. In many instances, the label will only list "natural flavors" without stating what these flavors are or where they come from. 

6. Vaccines – Supreme Court upholds no liability claims for vaccine companies.

7. Look up in the sky – Geo-engineering- the deliberate way of manipulating our weather patterns – harmful

What can I do about it!

1. Get informed

2. Be proactive about your health

3. Vote with your wallet

4. Tell others.