Helping You Create a Strong Immune System



Hi Everyone!

We hope this year has been a year of health breakthrough and new possibilities now that you have seen the benefits of drugless care. Now, there probably is one more hurdle before we close out 2018 and that is to keep your immune system healthy through the holiday season. Here are our tips, plus video and audio recording to help you usher 2019 on a strong foot.

Thank you to all of our new practice members who have trusted us with their health goals this year, we look forward to helping you and your family.

H2H Notes: Why are we talking about this?

- Get enough sleep: 7-8 hours recommended/night

- Give your body the correct fuel: Eat a balanced diet, high in vegetables and proteins; this will help your body be strong.

- Healthy fats and oils: Your brain and nervous system. Get your oil checked in your body! Example Bloodspot Fatty Acid Profile

- Minimize toxins/environmental stress: Organic food, cleaning products, personal hygiene products, avoid plastics.

- Chiropractic care: Pretty self-explanatory!

- Detoxification: Beets, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, leafy greens.

- Strong support team- For your health, friends, family support- who you spend time around is who you become.

- Exercise- 2-3 days/wk weight training, engaging in regular exercise elevates heart rate, increases blood flow, increases oxygen.

- Challenge your mind: Change your pattern, build something, read something new, play a game, change your exercise routine.

- Proper supplementation: Find out what your body needs; minerals, vitamin D, fats, and a good multiple vitamin.

Your Action Steps!

Breast Thermography -Jan 29, Feb 1, Feb 5-

Our next breast thermography dates at our office! Call our team to schedule. Appointments fill quickly.

Give the gift of health this Christmas – For a friend or loved one to come into the office for their initial assessment $65 – a $135 savings!

December Special – Bio–Immunozyme Forte: a multiple for boosting the immune system.

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