The Drugless Doctors Florida: Winter 2017 Schedule

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Bob's first winter of practicing in Naples! Below includes the services he will be providing this winter, the dates, the address, and payment plan, which will be cash only.

In-Office Dates:

February 4, 16, 21, 23, 27

March 18, 21, 23

April 18, 20, 24


Omni Balanced Life Center

720 Goodlette-Frank Road

Suite 205

Naples, FL 34102




Phone- (239) 227-9066


Winter Speaking Series by Dr. Bob
February 16: Drugless Heart Health Tips | Food & Thought | 6:30p – 8p
February 18 Heart Health | Whole Foods | 1p
February 25 Prevent Surgery | Kunjani Coffee | 11a
March 16 Preventing The Top 20 Common Surgeries | Food & Thought | 6:30p – 8p
March 20 Prevent Surgery | Whole Foods | 6:30p


Contact Us (Above) if you are a current practice member or you are interested in adjustment(s) only.

Initial Assessment $150

This is an exam to determine foundational health findings including a focused consultation to determine goals; tests including a postural and stationary blood pressure, 0xygen saturation, zinc taste test, saliva pH, head weight, posture assessment, cerebellum testing, otoscope (ear), spinal assessment with range of motion and specific orthopedic tests as needed.  All radiographs will be referred to a separate facility. There will be a report scheduled at another date with recommendations and a strategy will be mutually created.                                                                                                           Consultations $75/15 min

Consultations can be done on a variety of topics: labs, test kits, health concerns.

Beg. Consultation & 30 min (Health Assessment/Toxicity Profile/Diet Sheet) $195

This assessment sets the foundation of care by exploring deficiency/toxicity and evaluating the foods being consumed.

OptiChem Blood Work/Urinalysis through Lab Corp & Consultation$195

Includes: CBC/CMP/Thyroid Panel/Lipid Panel/Urinalysis – Gives a road map.

Nutritional Microscopy/Consultation $195           

Explores nutritional needs based on somebody analysis of their blood           

Bio-Communication Survey (Zyto)/Consultation $95

This is a high tech electrical analysis of organs, tissues, glands and our spine.

Acoustic CardioGraph/Consultation $65             

This is a specialized stethoscope that listens to the heart which allows the doctors to make precise recommendations.

Bio Communication Food Stressor Survey $95

Electrically/Energetically able to figure out foods our bodies maybe sensitive too.

Spirometry $75

This is a computerized assessment of the functional capacity of a lung, useful for showing lung/breathing/postural changes.

Essential Fatty Acid Profile Kit/Consultation $222

Helps to evaluate the level of omega fatty acids in the blood/trans fat, as well as exactly how much of what oil is needed.

Adrenal Stress Index $249

This is a saliva test that allows  for the evaluation of hormones related to adrenal gland function                  .

Estronex Estrogen Profile $249

This assessment involved the collection of urine in order to evaluate estrogen levels in the body.                 

Female Hormone Panel (Pre or Post Menopause) $210

A saliva test that helps evaluate different hormonal imbalance.

Food Antibody Testing $297

A test to evaluate for the presence of a food allergy

GI Health (Stool sample) $389

Is a fecal sample to check on the flora of the gut and check for unfriendly organisms.

Urine Iodine Test $295

This is the most specific way of being able to measure the body’s use of Iodine and great for hormonal health and thyroid issues.

Male Hormone Panel $210

This is a specialized saliva test that can be used to measure hormonal function in the body

Organix Urine Test Basic and Comprehensive $365/$575

Specialized urine test used to evaluate the byproducts of metabolism and complete a nutritional protocol based on the info.

Mineral Tissue Hair Analysis $195

This is an evaluation of a hair sample for minerals and toxic compounds.

Labs $TBD

The Doctors are capable of ordering many different labs based on the presentation of an individual

*All services performed by the doctors/or supervised by  The Drugless Doctors while under nutritional care in the office of The Drugless Doctors are designed to increase personal wellness.  Services performed are not for diagnosis or treatment of any condition, illness or disease; such non-diagnostic services are not billable to insurance.