March H2H | Breast Health Recap & Notes

During the month of March, our focus at our two practices is on breast health. Dr. Anthony and Dr. Casen share their top breast health tips in the video and you can follow along with the notes below:

 Strategies for Breast Health

1.    Why are a group of Chiropractors talking about breast health?

2.   Why is it important that I care about having a breast health strategy?

A.   Reflection of the total health of your body

B.    An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure

C.   Overall better health of the body

3.    Liver function and healthy breasts/ a healthy body

A.   The liver has over 1000 important functions from detoxification, to hormone and protein production

B.    Body signals of a compromised liver – cherry hemangiomas, hormonal issues, skin challenges, bronzing on your cheeks and hands, cry easily, mosquitoes like you, bad breath, body odor

C.   How to clean up the liver – detox, stay away from sugar (carbs, fruit, and dairy), castor oil packs

4.    Lymphatic System

A.   What does it do?

B.    How does it impact breast health?

C.   Supplements to improve your lymphatic system:

1.    IAG – this is a powder that helps the lymphatic system drain properly, also great for immune issues with kids

2.    Lymphatic detox homeopathic

D.   Bouncing on a ball 10-15 mins/day

E.   Lymphatic brushing

5.    Importance of utilizing Iodine forbreast health

A.   1 of Tablet Iodine (Iodozyme – internal)

B.    Liquid Iodine external application to breast tissue- 1 drop on each breast

6.    Why should a woman consider getting a thermography?

7.    What is the difference between a mammogram and a thermogram?

8.    Common Q& A about thermography

9.    Next breast thermography date: Friday April 28th- seats limited, anyone can schedule, see our team today.

NEXT H2H workshop Weds. April 5th at Noon and Thurs. April 6 at 6PM – How to get rid of allergies!

March specials: Bio B complex, Iodine, IAG – all 10% off

Our March Newsletter

Spring is around the corner.  This is a great time of the year to get your body set up for the rest of the year.  From a healthy spring cleaning of your digestive tract, to keeping to an exercise program it all makes a difference for body function.   We have a variety of exciting events and specials this month.

Upcoming In-Office Events – Includes all Monthly Workshops

March 1 - 12:00p – "Half-Hour to Health" Topic: Breast Health

March 2 –  6:00p – "Half-Hour to Health" Topic: Breast Health

March 9 –  6:00p – How to get faster health results (New Member Orientation)

April 5  –  12:00p – "Half-Hour to Health" Topic: “Say Goodbye to Allergies”

April 6 –  6:00p – "Half-Hour to Health" Topic: “Say Goodbye to Allergies”                 

April 13  – 6:00p - How to get faster health results (New Member Orientation)

April 28  –  8:00a- 5:00p – Breast Thermography in our Westlake Office

Upcoming Events in Our Community

March 7th- Mustard Seed Montrose- 6:00 PM – Dr. Bob’s Strategies to Prevent Surgery

March 8th - Mustard Seed Highland Square – 6:00 PM - Dr. Bob’s Strategies to Prevent Surgery

March 9th – Mustard Seed Solon - 6:00 PM - Dr. Bob’s Strategies to Prevent Surgery

March 28th – TownHall Ohio City –6:30 PM Drugless Doctors presents detoxification through foods.

March Product Specials

In March our office is highlighting breast health.  Iodizyme (Iodine tablets) and Liquid Iodine can both help to support health breast tissue.  For more information our March specials view our picture.

Elyria Office News

Gulf Road in Elyria will be having some construction over the next couple of months.  Please be aware as it may alter your route into the office.

Nutritional Care

We offer a variety of services to complement chiropractic care.  To create a personalized nutritional plan based on what is exactly going on in your body, contact our team for an assessment by calling 440-471-4200

Facebook Live | #PreventSurgery Heart

Hi Everyone! This month, our #PreventSurgery topic has been on your heart, and in this month's Facebook Live, Dr. Bob shares his drugless suggestions to keep your heart healthy and strong. For more information on your heart, and the additional ways to prevent surgery, check out his new book here.

February H2H | Heart Health Tips

This month at our practice, we are focusing on ways to keep your heart functioning at its highest level. In our "Half-Hour to Health" we shared new ways to do so. Here are our notes, and below is the video recap. Join us next month for our "Half-Hour to Health" on Breast Health Strategies.

Heart Health

 1. About 801,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 3 deaths.

2. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. More than half of the deaths due to heart disease in 2009 were in men.

3. Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease, killing nearly 380,000 people annually.

Why Chiropractors are concerned about your heart!

-Nerves that go to your heart are located at the upper part of your back called the thoracic spine. This is a common area of subluxation. People who receive regular chiropractic care are less likely to have a heart attack.

-Chiropractic adjustments are heart-health savers.

-Proper nutrition makes a massive difference when it comes to our heart

Cholesterol - Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease – Researchers at the University of California did a study on 137,000 patients from 541 different hospitals all of which had an acute heart attack.  They all had a blood test within 24 hours after the heart attack.  What was found was that total Cholesterol was 174 and their LDL was all below normal. Did this study conclude that cholesterol was not related to heart disease?  No, the study found cholesterol should be lowered more with drugs. The study was paid for by the world largest drug companies.

What is cholesterol – It is the building block of all steroid hormones in our body, when cholesterol is increased it is a sign of inflammation in the body.  How then do we lower cholesterol and get to the source of inflammation?

Statin drugs destroy the magnesium needs in our body.  When our body is magnesium deficient, it ends up with high blood pressure.  Statin drugs will also impact a male’s ability to have an erection.

Oils that cause inflammation and heart disease -1) People who eat margarine have twice the rate of heart disease as butter consumers 2) Avoid vegetable oils and trans fats – These oils enter our metabolic processes and are defective for bodily use. Our cell membranes, hormone synthesis, immune system, ability to deal with inflammation, and other systems all become defective in the presence of trans fat.

Gallbladder – Two things the gallbladder does not like – no fats and bad fats, if you have been applying any of these fats or no fats, try introducing coconut oil which is easy on your liver and gallbladder.

Myths about Fats | Cholesterol | Heart-Health

-A low-fat, high-carb diet is the optimal human diet – This is false. It stems back to thinking saturated fat was the main cause of heart disease. Low-fat diets have been studied and it was concluded that they are more likely to cause heart disease and cancer then other groups.

-Cholesterol-rich foods are bad for you – This is false – Example: the egg which when consumed, actually raises HDL, and is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

-Saturated Fat causes heart disease – There are many studies that show that saturated fat does not cause heart disease, it is time for the government to get on the same page.

-Eating fat makes you fat and high-fat diets are dangerous. -  This is false. Fat has more calories than proteins and carbs, but studies show people who are on high fat diets are more likely to lose weight and have increased HDL, lower blood sugar, and have less abdominal fat.

-Label marketing such as heart healthy or low fat is good – This is false.  It is important to read all labels because many times these products have preservatives, sugar additives, and other harmful ingredients.

-Diets low in salt are good – This is false – National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey did a study and found out people on low salt diets are 40% more likely to have a heart attack.  People should use Celtic sea salt instead which is an unrefined mineral salt that helps lower blood pressure.

Eat organic or grass-fed butter - A good source of vitamin A and E, contains selenium, short and medium chain fatty acids used for quick energy and not stored energy, rich in antioxidants, CLA which helps with weight loss, and protects against cancer

Tips to help improve heart health

-Exercise 20 minutes a day

-Eat more healthy fats: butter, coconut oil, olive oil.

-Ditch sugar and unhealthy oils

-Work towards getting off medication

Nutrients to help with Heart-Health

1. Flax oil – Helps our body use calcium, reduces inflammation, improves heart health, and skin health.

2. Bio-Cardiozyme – This is a heart-healthy multi-vitamin loaded with nutrients for heart health.

3. Biomega 3 – A heart-healthy oil that has the same benefits as flax oil

4. Celtic Sea Salt – This is an unrefined salt that helps our body with stress, minerals, and lower blood pressure.

5. Bio-FCTS – Heart health relies on antioxidants and vitamin c – both of which are in high demand in this product.

6. Aqua Mag-Cl – This is a product that is designed to help lower blood pressure –take a teaspoon before bed.

Our Acoustic CardioGraph is on special in the month of February for $25 (normally $50) for all of our current members (in-office special) – This is a specialized stethoscope that will listen to your heart and clue us in on if there are any nutritional deficiencies affecting your heart.

Rapid Immune Response – 10% off for the month of February (in office special only) – This is a great way to boost the immune system very quickly – use 2 every hour until the bottle is gone once you have the first sign of not feeling well.


March’s Half Hour to Health @ Westlake Office

HOT TOPIC: Breast Health

March 1 at Noon

March 2 at 6pm



Facebook Live | #PreventSurgery Thyroid Recap

Dr. Bob was "on location" for his #PreventSurgery Facebook live event, as he discussed ways to keep your thyroid gland functioning optimally. Please visit here and here for more information on the thyroid. To purchase Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery, please go here.

Our February Newsletter

This month we are focusing on your immune health and making sure that you are receiving your adjustments and proper nutrition that will keep you from getting what is “going around.” We have a few product and service specials that will do just that:


Rapid Immune Response - If by chance you were to start feeling sick, the best thing to do would be to take Rapid Immune Response (two each hour until the bottle is gone). This will help supercharge your body’s ability to fight off foreign invaders. We always keep one bottle on our shelves just in case. 10% Discount In-Office for the month of February


Do you want to make sure your heart is up to its full potential? We will be offering the Acoustic CardioGraph at $25 dollars (a 50% savings!!) to all current practice members in-office the month of February. This is a great service to be able to analyze nutritional factors that could be impacting heart health. Call our office, 440-471-4200, to schedule yours today!

Half-Hour to Health Schedule:

February 1 - Noon | Westlake Practice | How To: Have a Healthy Heart

February 2 - 6p | Westlake Practice | How To: have a Healthy Heart

March 1 - Noon | Westlake Practice | Breast Health Strategies

March 2 - 6p | Westlake Practice | Breast Health Strategies

The Drugless Doctors & Your Community!

We love being apart of the Northeast Ohio community, including farmer’s markets, going to sporting activities, and also speaking throughout the region to schools, business, and other organizations about health. Currently, we are planning our outreach initiatives for the year and if you own or are a member of any type of organization who would be interested in having us present a complimentary workshop please email: or call (440)-471-4200. We are dedicated to sharing and creating real health transformation for all!

PS. If you represent the health and wellness plans for your organization, please go here.

Dr. Anthony, Dr. Casen, & Dr. Bob DeMaria

Dr. Anthony, Dr. Casen, & Dr. Bob DeMaria

Our February Focus | Immune System Tips

Winter is an important time of the year for taking care of your immune system. Chiropractic adjustments make a world of difference for entire body, and especially your immune system. Individuals who are active with regular chiropractic care can have an immune system 400 times stronger than those who don’t. Read below our take on easy ways to help keep your immune system boosted, and also visit additional immune system resources.

Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2

#DruglessTips | Thyroid

During the month of January, Dr. Bob is using his #PreventSurgery campaign to help us keep our thyroid functioning at 100 percent. In this video (on location!) he shares what foods can help our thyroid and what foods might cause a subpar thyroid. For more information on his "Guide to Prevent Surgery," please go here.

#DruglessTips | More Energy

Do you fall into the category of needing an afternoon pick-me-up? Or even an anytime pick-me-up? Dr. Anthony shares what you can do to improve your energy even as the day goes on. How do you maintain your energy levels throughout the day? If you are looking for more tips, you can see what Dr. Bob also suggests here:

The Drugless Doctors Florida: Winter 2017 Schedule

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Bob's first winter of practicing in Naples! Below includes the services he will be providing this winter, the dates, the address, and payment plan, which will be cash only.

In-Office Dates:

February 4, 16, 21, 23, 27

March 18, 21, 23

April 18, 20, 24


Omni Balanced Life Center

720 Goodlette-Frank Road

Suite 205

Naples, FL 34102




Phone- (239) 227-9066


Winter Speaking Series by Dr. Bob
February 16: Drugless Heart Health Tips | Food & Thought | 6:30p – 8p
February 18 Heart Health | Whole Foods | 1p
February 25 Prevent Surgery | Kunjani Coffee | 11a
March 16 Preventing The Top 20 Common Surgeries | Food & Thought | 6:30p – 8p
March 20 Prevent Surgery | Whole Foods | 6:30p


Contact Us (Above) if you are a current practice member or you are interested in adjustment(s) only.

Initial Assessment $150

This is an exam to determine foundational health findings including a focused consultation to determine goals; tests including a postural and stationary blood pressure, 0xygen saturation, zinc taste test, saliva pH, head weight, posture assessment, cerebellum testing, otoscope (ear), spinal assessment with range of motion and specific orthopedic tests as needed.  All radiographs will be referred to a separate facility. There will be a report scheduled at another date with recommendations and a strategy will be mutually created.                                                                                                           Consultations $75/15 min

Consultations can be done on a variety of topics: labs, test kits, health concerns.

Beg. Consultation & 30 min (Health Assessment/Toxicity Profile/Diet Sheet) $195

This assessment sets the foundation of care by exploring deficiency/toxicity and evaluating the foods being consumed.

OptiChem Blood Work/Urinalysis through Lab Corp & Consultation$195

Includes: CBC/CMP/Thyroid Panel/Lipid Panel/Urinalysis – Gives a road map.

Nutritional Microscopy/Consultation $195           

Explores nutritional needs based on somebody analysis of their blood           

Bio-Communication Survey (Zyto)/Consultation $95

This is a high tech electrical analysis of organs, tissues, glands and our spine.

Acoustic CardioGraph/Consultation $65             

This is a specialized stethoscope that listens to the heart which allows the doctors to make precise recommendations.

Bio Communication Food Stressor Survey $95

Electrically/Energetically able to figure out foods our bodies maybe sensitive too.

Spirometry $75

This is a computerized assessment of the functional capacity of a lung, useful for showing lung/breathing/postural changes.

Essential Fatty Acid Profile Kit/Consultation $222

Helps to evaluate the level of omega fatty acids in the blood/trans fat, as well as exactly how much of what oil is needed.

Adrenal Stress Index $249

This is a saliva test that allows  for the evaluation of hormones related to adrenal gland function                  .

Estronex Estrogen Profile $249

This assessment involved the collection of urine in order to evaluate estrogen levels in the body.                 

Female Hormone Panel (Pre or Post Menopause) $210

A saliva test that helps evaluate different hormonal imbalance.

Food Antibody Testing $297

A test to evaluate for the presence of a food allergy

GI Health (Stool sample) $389

Is a fecal sample to check on the flora of the gut and check for unfriendly organisms.

Urine Iodine Test $295

This is the most specific way of being able to measure the body’s use of Iodine and great for hormonal health and thyroid issues.

Male Hormone Panel $210

This is a specialized saliva test that can be used to measure hormonal function in the body

Organix Urine Test Basic and Comprehensive $365/$575

Specialized urine test used to evaluate the byproducts of metabolism and complete a nutritional protocol based on the info.

Mineral Tissue Hair Analysis $195

This is an evaluation of a hair sample for minerals and toxic compounds.

Labs $TBD

The Doctors are capable of ordering many different labs based on the presentation of an individual

*All services performed by the doctors/or supervised by  The Drugless Doctors while under nutritional care in the office of The Drugless Doctors are designed to increase personal wellness.  Services performed are not for diagnosis or treatment of any condition, illness or disease; such non-diagnostic services are not billable to insurance.

Facebook Live Recap | Weight Loss & Detox

No matter what time of the year, if you need to lose weight, start today! ICYMI, we had two packed houses this past week for our first "Half-Hour to Health" of the year. Here are our notes and video recap. Scroll to the bottom for our IN-OFFICE discount as well:

Top Five Keys For Weight Loss

1. Food – If you don’t put the right fuel in your body you don’t get the right outcome.

A. The top foods to avoid: sugar (or things that turn to sugar in your body), dairy, and grains

2. Become Calorie Conscious - It is not necessary to count each calorie, but to cut out additional "fru fru" calories

3. Make Exercise Fun – Doing some sort of exercise for 20-60 minutes every day is vital for weight loss

4. Breakfast is the key meal – Begin your day with a protein

5. Discipline – Stay away from things that you know don’t promote health in your body.

What is the Drugless Diet – This is a lifestyle transformation program that is 10 weeks.  It dives deeper into these concepts and offers accountability and guidance on correct dietary and exercise choices for ten weeks as well as interactive group meetings to address weight loss.  We only want people who would be committed to fully participating.

Top 5 keys to Detoxification

1. Detox starts with the liver – Your liver is the key organ for detoxification. Body signals of liver compromise include an enlarged liver on x-ray, skin challenges, age spots, bronzing on the cheeks, dark circles under eyes, cry easy, bad body odor, fatigue, brain fog, prostate or hormonal challenges.

2. Environmental Toxins – Our environment is very toxic, air is polluted, food sources have preservatives and are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, house hold cleaning products, chlorine, and fluorine.  A recent study in the journal Nature has 90% of cancers are caused by diet and environmental toxins.

3. Staying away from fruit/fructose – It is the hardest sugar for the liver to get rid of.

4. Gets rid of excess estrogen in the body – Increased estrogen in men and women will lead to health challenges and cancer.

5. Water - Water helps our bodies eliminate toxins.  – ½ your body weight in ounces of water is the goal.

The Drugless Detox: This is a program that was designed in order to help clean up liver and digestive tract function. It is composed of three products. Bio Detox packs – this is a group of 10 products designed to clean up liver function. Nutriclear is a very effective way to help clean up the liver and promote healing in the digestive tract. Pea Protein allows the building blocks for new growth in the body. This is a program that is designed to be done in 10 days (3 detox packs a day) or in 30 days (1 pack a day).

Detox Program

Bio-Detoxification is designed to reduce your body’s load of toxic substances, which may be present from either external sources (drugs, chemicals, alcohol) or your own physiological activities (bacterial toxins, intestinal toxins, metabolic byproducts). By following this program, you will eliminate many food and metabolic toxins for allergens, and achieve more “healthy” function and vitality.

Benefits of The Drugless Detox: increase immune function, increase liver function which is important for weight loss and hormonal function, improved mental cognition, improved energy, improved digestion, decreased joint and body pain.

What should I eat during the ten day detoxification program? Focus on proteins and vegetables and work on eliminating fruits, grains, gluten, and sugar. Make sure to drink plenty of water during your detoxification process.

Q. Should I expect any side effects?

A. Individual response to cleansing programs is highly variable due to personal differences in biochemical makeup, stress levels, toxin build-up, and medical histories. Individuals sometimes experience headaches, joint pain, mood swings, constipation or other side effects. These side effects are commonly associated with cleansing programs and usually dissipate within a week to 10 days. Notify your health care professional if you develop any adverse symptoms, or encounter discomfort while using this product.

Important Factors to Consider

Water – Drinking the proper amount of water helps our body get rid of the toxins that the body is working on excreting.  A good bench mark is to consume half of our body weight in ounces of water every day

Eat Right – It is important to consume foods that allow our body to detoxify properly which means focusing on vegetables and proteins and decreasing fruits, sugar, and gluten.

Rest – Especially when going through a period of detoxification it is important for our bodies to get at the very minimum 8 hours of sleep at night so our body can process the toxins it is eliminating

Decrease exposure to environmental, industrial, and household chemicals - These chemicals get stored in our body and have many harmful effects on the body and nervous system.

Exercise- movement is life.  Have a pattern of everyday exercise for yourself- this will promote elimination of toxins.


Detox Program is %10 off all month

Dr. Bob’s Book on Detoxification is on special all Month $10

Our Next Half Hour to Health: Feb 1st at noon and Feb 2nd at 6


Video: (To Listen The Best, Turn Up Volume)

Our January Events!

Welcome to 2017! We hope this year brings you complete health transformation! If you are still on your way to your health goals, or you just want to further educate yourself on new health information, we have some "Can't Miss" events. Bring your friends and join us!

January 4- Half Hour to Health- How to lose weight & detox naturally,  12pm Westlake Office,

January 5- Half Hour to Health- How to lose weight & detox naturally,  6pm Westlake Office,

January 12- New Member Orientation @ Westlake Office- 6pm, this workshop is encouraged for all new members. We will help you reach your health goals in our office!  Friends & Family are welcome

January 13- Breast Thermography @ Westlake Office (spots still available, call office to schedule today) 

January 13-  Avon Lake Health Fair @ Avon Lake HS,  11-1230PM (free event for the family!)

Our Top 5 Tips for 2017!

We're right on the cusp of a new year, and we put together a diagram (see below) that you can send to your friends about our recommendations. Also, please join us on January 4 at noon and 5th at 6p for our first Half-Hour to Health of 2017!

Our Top 5 Tips

1. Begin Chiropractic Care!

2. Get Enough Sleep
- Essential for healing in your body.
- Create growth hormone for healing
- Goal: 8 hrs
- Have a consistent bedtime

3. Exercise
- Create movement as a part of your life
- Helps with detoxification, blood flow, oxygen, mental health…ect
- Goal: 20 mins/day
- Do what you love and enjoy

4. Make Wise Food Choices
- Foods that cause inflammation are: gluten/dairy/sugar
- Focusing on anti-inflammatory foods: proteins & vegetables
- Read labels
- Focus on organic (due to pesticides) & fresh

5. Drink Water
- 85 % of your body is water
- Water goals: measurement is key
- The type of water you should be drinking

More info about The Drugless Diet

More info about The Drugless Detox

Cont'd Below

Cont'd Below

Facebook Live | Liver Health

We wrapped up our 2016 Facebook Live events with Dr. Bob and Debbie co-hosting together and sharing tips on how to keep your liver functioning optimally without medication. In the video, Dr. Bob talks about the castor oil pack, beets, a non-alcoholic fatty liver and more. To read Dr. Bob's new book, "Guide to Prevent Surgery," please go here.



Facebook Live | Men's Health

This month, Dr. Bob's focus on his website was men's health. We have it embedded below, which includes information on your liver, thinning hair, and more! For more information on Dr. Bob's book, Men's Health-The Basics, please go here.

Our December Newsletter

This year has been a great year helping many people restore their optimal health, and we want to continue that trend into the new year. In order for us to do so, we've put together this newsletter to share what is happening in our practice, including Dr. Bob's new book!

Give the Gift of Health!

If you have friends and family members you know who could improve their health by visiting us, we have a "Friends & Family" special for an initial assessment in the office.  The assessment will be available for $95 during the month of December. Call the office to get yours today. (440) 471-4200.

Give the Gift of Optimal Breast Health!

Another gift idea for your female friends and family members, or even yourself, is our Breast Thermography service. Our next Breast Thermography day is January 13th. Call us at (440) 471-4200 to schedule your appointment! This gift is $250. For more information on this service, please go here.


We want you to start 2017 as healthy as you can be! One way to do that is through a cleansing and purification program. Our Drugless Detox protocol is designed to help you clean up your liver and digestive system without medication. It's discounted 10% during the month of January; please visit our team in the office for details!


Are you looking to "let it go"? Join us as we begin our New Year's weight loss program with the Drugless Diet in January 2017. This personalized program is designed to tell you exactly what you need to do and to keep you accountable in order for you to reach your weight loss goals. Please visit one of our team members for more information.

Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery

We're excited for Dr. Bob's new book on preventing surgery. It is filled with brand-new information on how you can prevent the top twenty non-cosmetic surgeries performed here in the United States, including heart, thyroid, and gallbladder. During December the book is $5 off in our wellness store; the perfect stocking stuffer!

January Half-Hour to Health

January 4 - Noon. Topic. Weight Loss & Detoxification. Westlake Practice

January 5- 6pm. Topic. Weight Loss & Detoxification. Westlake Practice.

From all of us, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


December Events & Christmas Hours

Can you believe Christmas is only a few weeks away? We have some important Christmas scheduling announcements for you, plus our December & January Half-Hour to Health Topics!

November 30 - Noon. Half-Hour to Health. Topic: Simple Christmas Recipes. Westlake Office

December 1- 6pm. Half-Hour to Health. Topic: Simple Christmas Recipes. Westlake Office

December 8- 6pm. New Practice Member Orientation. Westlake Office

December 19- Westlake Senior Center. Topic: Picking the Best New Year's Resolution.

Christmas Hours

Monday, December 26 - All Practices Closed

Tuesday, December 27 - Westlake & Elyria open with normal adjusting hours.

Raising Healthy Kids | Teething

Teething often begins between months 4-5, but can start as early as three months. Since it can take anywhere from three hours to three weeks to see results, the symptoms can sometimes be misdiagnosed.

What are often simply teething symptoms, are being misdiagnosed as an ear infection; and the American Academy of Pediatrics has recognized that antibiotics are being overly prescribed to children.

Common Teething Symptoms:

-Runny Nose with Clear Mucus

-Irritated Ear

-Mild Fever

-Picky/Fussy Eating

-Disrupted Sleep Patterns

-Irritated Bowel

Commonly Mistaken As:

-Cold or Sinus Infection

-Ear Infection

-Cold or Flu

-Stomach/Digestive Disorder



Remember: Children benefit from Chiropractic care; not only for wellness and pain prevention, but as a major support to their immune system. Make sure you and your children come to visit us on a regular basis!